Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gigi's Cupcakes

If you live in Nashville, or ever visit, you must stop at Gigi's Cupcakes for a nice treat. Since we visit Nashville often, I've looked up cupcake places in the area and found this one months ago. But, we never had the chance to actually check it out the last few times we were in TN.

Finally... I got my chance! My company sent me to Nashville (Gaylord Opryland hotel, thank you!) for a Quality and Training Seminar. What luck! What? Me? I get to attend an awesome conference at a gorgeous hotel AND see my friends AND eat Nashville food?? All on the company's dollar? Get out!

So, I spent Tuesday through Friday at the hotel attending the seminar. Then I booked my flight to come home Sunday so I could spend the weekend with my college friends. Of course, the weekend food is not expensible. :) And, Saturday, one of my friends and I hit up Gigi's.

Now, I only got one cupcake and it was extremely hard to choose from all the flavors. My friend, however, bought four cupcakes so that she and her husband could have a variety of tastes to sample. Smart girl!
This is my cupcake... Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip. It was basically chocolate with chocolate chunks and chocolate frosting. Oh my!

And this is one of my friend's...I forgot to take a picture of her others...but you can see a few of the different kinds of cupcakes in the second photo above. This one is the Red Velvet with a creamy surprise in the center... she loved it.Let me know if you go... and tell me what kind you finally decided to buy!

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